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    Two Hills County # 21 Scavenger Hunt

    Two Hills Scavenger Hunt
    scavenger hunt map

    Scavenger Hunt Stops

    Willingdon:  Lapel Pin

    Hairy Hill: Buffalo Sculpture

    Two Hills: 
    • Rider Friendly Community Sign
    • Wayside Fallen Riders Monument & Park
    • Junction Inn - Photo with Harley
    • Two Hills Hotel - Photo with Julie
    • Photo of PIZZA!

    • Dove Park - The Dove
    • CJ's Cafe: A Burger Photo

    Derwent: Golden Gopher Cafe & Tattoo Studio - Cafe Photo



    Do the Two Hills Scavenger Hunt for Fun and a chance to WIN a monthly prize from one of our awesome Map Sponsors!

    Road Trip RitaHow to Enter:

    1. Download the Two Hills Scavenger Hunt Map 

    2. Ride/Drive to the Scavenger Hunt Stops and Take Photos!

    3. Come to RiderFriendly.com and Join the Two Hills Scavenger Hunt Group

    4. Post your Scavenger Hunt Photos to the Two Hills Scavenger Hunt Group

    A winning photo will be chosen each month based on creativity, originality & social engagements (likes, shares, comments)

    Use the Invite Friends button to invite your friends to join the GP Scavenger Hunt Group so they can like/share/comment on your photo. 

    Need Support? PM one of the Group Moderators

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    Join the Two Hills Scavenger Hunt Group & upload your pics!

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    Scavenger Hunt Google Map to Share

    Ride/Drive Map Sponsors

    Junction Inn
    Community Futures Elk Island
    Braithwaite Boyle
    Town of Two Hills
    Community Futures - St. Paul - Smoky Lake
    Two Hills Adult Learning Council
    Sandy Kwasney Laurin Royal LePage
    Village of Myrnam
    My Brokers
    Two Hills Pizza
    Two Hills Liquor Store
    Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association
    C J's Cafe & Groceries
    County of Two Hills
    Run to the Hills Rally
    History Check
    BKC Newsbytes